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Integrated Learning Domains within the Curriculum:

Language Arts
Social Studies
Social/Emotional Development
Physical Health
Arts and Music
Introduction to Technology (K)

Children in the early childhood classes learn best through play, exploration, and using their senses. They are very curious and taking in all that they can learn about the world around them. The children are expanding their vocabulary rapidly and they love to read/hear stories and use their imaginations. At St. John Lutheran School, faith-based learning is embedded throughout the environment and daily activities. Advances in growth and development are strengthened through the teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our teachers strive to create a warm and nurturing environment where children thrive within a structured daily plan.

In the Pre-K classes, the children have time each day for concept review, songs, movement, Bible memory verses and stories. Occasional cooking experiences provide opportunities for skill development and concept application. After group and snack time, interesting lessons are shared through group table activities, one-on-one work. with the teacher, and small groups. These include a variety of art and crafts, science, math,

language, and large and small motor development. Children have free play time to explore the classroom materials and play with their classmates. Biblical character development is encouraged as well as healthy social and emotional growth. Every day includes active play on the playground or in the gymnasium. Weekly walks to the library for story and craft time and participation in a bi-weekly Music class is also part of our program.

Kindergarten is the start of a child’s academic journey and an important step to early literacy learning-but the focus on play and application of play remains at the heart of learning. By mixing together the basics of academic work in books and adding in fun 

application activities, we help cultivate the creative process for children. Our pre-school and kindergarten teachers in the Early Childhood Program, do not just have individual classrooms. By working together as a program, they are able to ensure that the children are being prepared for kindergarten and beyond.