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Integrated Learning Domains within the Curriculum:

Language Arts
Social Studies
Social/Emotional Development
Physical Health
Computer Skills/Technology/STEAM

Enriching Education

We weave our core values of love, grace, creativity, integrity, courage, hope, and service into the standards of education as set forth by the State of Indiana as well as The National Lutheran School Accreditation and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  We offer all students an education that extends beyond classrooms, Chromebooks, report cards, and mandated testing.  Our faith-based education provides a foundation for the students to discover and follow God’s plan and path.

Striving for Excellence

Through National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) our school completes a rigorous self-study process that is reviewed by a team of peers and then work to implement initiatives that provide a continuing program of excellence for students. Teachers challenge students to:

  • Read and write to expand the horizon of knowledge
  • Explore and apply concepts of mathematics
  • Share within individual and group projects
  • Be involved in learning
  • Serve within the class, school, church, and in the community
  • Pledge to learning

Sharing the love of christ

Caring, Christian teachers and staff share the Word of God daily with children and families. We have a weekly chapel with our Pastor. Strengthening a home, school and church partnership, through the education of the whole child, students are prepared and equipped for a life of Christian citizenship and discipleship. We help provide a Christian education by not only meeting the social, emotional, physical, and academic needs, but also the spiritual needs of children.  All of our students are shining stars.

All of our students are Shining stars

Educational priorities of children fluctuate and children have individual needs that must be integrated. Our school works hard to meet the needs of students and the community that we serve. Through core academics, integration/application of core subjects into programs and projects, STEM/STEAM offerings, service learning, music, art, athletics/physical fitness, and the ability to blend virtual and in-person learning, students have opportunities to reach their full potential and God’s purpose for them.