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The state of Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is working hard to prepare Indiana’s students for their dynamic futures.  They have created a dashboard called GPS.  This stands for Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed.   The Indiana GPS dashboard seeks to:

  • Empower educators by providing a variety of essential data points to support continuous improvement of student learning across the K-12 continuum,
  • Support families and community stakeholders by providing meaningful, relevant, and transparent information about school progress and performance, and
  • Elevate the highest-performing schools as models of excellence, and identify other schools for additional support.

In the past, Indiana state accredited schools received a letter grade of their performance.  Considering Covid, the letter grading of the schools was placed on hold.  St. John Lutheran School is NLSA Accredited school and this accreditation is accepted by the state of Indiana, but due to enrollment size, we have never been given a letter grade for our performance.  The Indiana state legislature has now required that every state accredited school post a report based on the Indiana GPS dashboard data.  I encourage everyone to visit the GPS website: indianagps.doe.in.gov  to see a full report and the fabulous things that Indiana is doing to communicate student progress across the state.  They also value your feedback and encourage you to ask questions.  I have been in communication this summer to better understand the website.  I would like to point out that again, due to our school enrollment size, we don’t qualify for report in some areas.  The state data is also not perfect, I would be happy to share my concerns about how the data is reported, but would do this with individuals in-person, so not to distract from the importance of having this GPS dashboard. Here is data from school year 2021-2022:

ATTENDANCE: 67.9% of our students had a 64% or higher attendance rate in 2022.

2022 ILearn Test report:

  •   Math grades 3-8:  26.5% at or above proficiency;  44.1% approaching proficiency
  •   English Language Arts (ELA): Grades 3-8:  at or above proficiency 38.2%, 35.3 % approaching proficiency
  •   Math growth grades 4-8: 25.9% of students met their growth target
  •   ELA growth grades 4-8: 44.4% of students met their growth target
  •  14.8% of 4th-8th graders who met criteria for data collection met their growth target in both math and ELA

Please let me know if you have questions about this repot or the GPS dashboard.  Thank you, Mrs. Willoughby